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Birds of Prey Interaction

  • Ultimately Falconry: For the person who really wants a more involved experience, select this interactive encounter into the world of falconry. Incorporating falconry first hand, this takes it to the next level. With nature as our classroom, experience the thrill of partnering with a raptor! Start off in the classroom and get exposed to the equipment, field training techniques and care of these magnificent raptors. Then we take the experience outside for the thrill of a lifetime as each participant has the opportunity to have a bird of prey fly to their gloved arm. Imagine the bird dropping from 20 feet high or approaching from 100 feet away as it is called to your glove!
  • Raptor Walk Around: This unique interactive raptor experience will be the highlight of your event. A master falconer will stroll through with various raptors on her arm as she interacts with your guests. Bring a camera to capture your guests’ thrilling experience with birds of prey. 
    • Varying times | Excellent for groups of all sizes | Optional flight demonstration available