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Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Team Events

  • Amazing Nature Race: This competition takes advantage of Middleburg’s historic and outdoor traditions, challenging teams to flex their physical, mental and creative strengths by solving clues, discovering locations and completing contests to earn points on the quest for a victory.
  • Blades & Bows: Experience both archery & axe throwing for an exhilarating outdoor experience. Learn the fundamentals, marksmanship and safety of archery and learn the sport and technique of axe throwing that will help you cultivate a skill that is useful in many survival and sporting situations.
  • Lawn Olympics: Choose from a wide variety of lawn games to be part of your Lawn Olympics. Teams will each partake in these games and compete for the victory! Games will be set up on the Grand Lawn. A great group activity to do during a long lunch break.
    • 1.5 hours | For groups 12 or more
  • Private Fitness Instruction: In addition to personal training sessions, the Fitness Center offers classes in Stressburner Yoga: An Executive Program, Zumba, Boot Camp and Pilates as well as other styles of yoga, water-based programming and nature hikes.
    • 1 hour | 10 participant minimum
  • Back Pack Buddies: The Recreation Department teams up with the local Backpack Buddies organization to put together food items for food insecure children in Loudoun County. The program provides weekend and holiday meal packs to help meet the nutritional needs of children when they are not in school. We program the event into a scavenger hunt to find clues to figure out what items are needed at the “grocery store” to put together the bags.
  • Table Top Escape: For the Table Top Escape, we would break down the group into teams of approximately 8 to 10 people. Each team would be located at one banquet table. All tables/teams would be given the same clues to solve in a similar manner as traditional “Escape Rooms”. Instead of escaping, the first team to unlock a treasure chest wins! This activity takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Wickets & Wine: Whether you’d like an instructional session as a planned meeting break, an organized tournament or just a causal add-on to your outdoor event, croquet is an enjoyable way to bring the team together. You can add to the fun by introducing Piedmont wine favorites to the group. Choose from 6-wicket tournament croquet, backyard 9-wicket croquet or golf croquet
  • What Was I Drinking? Think you have the most keen palate in your group? Put it to the test! Relax with your team as you taste and rate wines. The winner is determined by the closest totals to the Wine Spectator ratings, but the fun really begins as you share your commentary with the team. 90 minutes
  • Bicycle Building: Teams will be challenged with a serious of trivia questions. Each correct answer grants a new tool or part necessary to complete children’s bicycle. After the event these bicycles will be donated to a local community or school.
  • Pay It Forward: This is a group service project that can result in something that will be donated to a worthy designated recipient such as a senior living or special needs living environment. The client may select the donation destination or it will be established for them by Mary Jennings. Coordination of donation delivery included. Sensory Boards are created in teams of 5 people for each board completed. This project involves some game time, some assembly with tools and pyrography. It requires 1-1.5 hours inside or outside. Room With A View is a landscape painting activity where individuals or teams create a finished painting of a beautiful landscape. 2 hours, inside. Make A Mural is a collaborative abstract painting activity that will result in a large work of art for donation.

  • Game Rentals: Choose from a variety of rental games like corn hole, giant Jenga, Kan Jam, lawn bowling, croquet and bocce ball to enhance your group’s reception indoors or outdoors.